Silence, take over me.
Find me when my mouth fails to send the message.
Escape my whispers and scream these utterances to their ears.
Wriggle out from my clutches and reach to others.
Take my heart and wreck it.
Wreck it.
Wreck it till I shout.
Goddamnit. Leave me. Let me be. Let others hear the cacophony.
Let me dwell in my symphonies.
Silence, take over me.




Darling, he’s the kind of person to muzzle the world just so he can hear you laugh. So when you find him, don’t keep him. Enchant him.
He’s the kind of person who dims the stars just so you could shine brighter. So when you find him, don’t keep him. Bewitch him.
He’s the kind of person who’ll choose broken bones over broken hearts even if his bones are the one to shatter. So when you find him, don’t just keep him. Love him.



Just A Few Questions.

Following are the questions that have been held in my brain for quite a while now. I don’t expect an answer nor do I need one. Just wonder what you would answer and see if you are satisfied.

Have you ever cried?

Have you cried in front of someone?

Did you feel okay crying in front of them?

Is crying a sign of weakness?

Since when is being weak bad? Why?


A Familiar Melody Of Blues.


This woman walks towards me with her head low, her gait slow, almost stumbling. Pulling at the hems of her NOT so short skirt, her hands trembling. She reminds me of well… Shattered glass. Yes, broken. Transparent. But still sharp enough to cut you if you take her for granted. Murmuring away a familiar melody of blues, she passes me by with tears in her eyes and I call to her

“Excuse me?”

She stops.

“Excuse me!”

She talks,


“Are you okay?”

I go to her but she covers her face and nods

“Are…are you sure?”

She raises her head and Oh God. Her face has got all the wrong hues from her lips bleeding scarlet to her head swollen blue. I gape at her like an idiot and my mind goes numb. I feel bile rise up my throat and my mouth just decides to go dumb. I try to pick up my senses that just plummeted to the floor and I asked her what’s wrong. She gazes right at me with her solemn eyes and says,

“Nothing. Just different words to the same old song” 

I ask her, “Who did this?” but her silence is deafening. Her eyes voice her pain but her mouth isn’t listening.

Just then a man walks up to us as if he owns the whole damn place. With a side glance to greet me, he looks up and sizes up her face. With indifference in his eyes, he grabs her wrists and turns to walk in the other direction. He starts murmuring to her words I do not think I can really mention. I wait for her to retaliate but she silently obeys. Aghast, I try to intervene but she tells me to stay away.

The man smirks victoriously before he trudges on and the woman trails him from the back, defeated and torn. I stand there a few moments, a few moments to long and the only thing that echoes in my head is the following song:

“Maybe we should love somebody
Oh maybe we could care a little more
So maybe we should love somebody
Instead of polishing the bombs of holy war”
                                           – Alicia Keys (Holy War)


When Alicia Keys Knew What’s up.

If war is holy, and sex is obscene, then we got it twisted in this lucid dream.
Baptized in boundaries, schooled in sin, divided by differences sexuality and skin.
So we can fear each other. Hate each other.
We can break these walls. We can build these walls, between each other.
Baby, blow by blow, and brick by brick, keep yourself locked in. Yourself locked.
Oh, maybe we can love somebody. Maybe we can care a little more.
Oh, maybe we can love somebody, instead of polishing the bombs of holy war.
-Alicia Keys at the VMAs ’16



I had once got an email forwarded by Lorelai (Not the real name but good enough :|)  who had a poem very similar to this and it… not ‘touched’ exactly but I kinda felt it and I wrote something close to the original. It was a long time ago and I found it recently while taking a trip down memory lane. It reminded me of what I thought I would be and where I might end up… Anyway, enjoy.

Listen to the music
before it lasts
Try going slow
Don’t dance to fast
Let the water
devour the sun
Don’t tie that hair up
Just let it come undone
Try listening to the rain
Slapping on the ground
Watch the butterfly’s erratic flight
Just wait a moment to look around
Don’t hold that breath
For the right time
just let it all go
it’s supposed to end fine
Life is not a race
Do take it slower
Hear the music
Before the song is over
Listen to the music
before it lasts
Try going slow
Don’t dance to fast