About A Teenager

Is this blog one of those “Depressed-Dark-Self loathing” types? God knows, at least I hope not. I mean, being a teenager, there are bound to be moments where I want to just punch the first person in sight, blame all my life’s miseries on someone else and then cry about how unfair the world is, but hey, it isn’t called being a hormonal mess for nothing 😀

I swear I’m not as dark or serious as some of my writings tend to depict me. This is just the unexplored side of my ever-confusing self. It’s my SOLITARY HAVEN, where I get to meet my shadows and hear the demons whisper in my mind.

Just another teenager with a dark side, nothing new.

On that bright note….. With the fathoming of you actually liking my blog, do comment and/or like posts because that’s what good people do! (that self esteem boost though..)

Thank you



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